About Me

Hi, I’m Paul!

3 Eyed Monkey Paul

No, not that Paul, this one:

Me Paul Lee

I’m a student at Duke University that has switched majors from Biomedical Engineering with plans for medical school to Computer Science and an eventual Masters or Phd in CompSci to distance myself from a bad “breakup”. I’ll be posting code I wrote that hopefully you find as interesting as I do, as well as stuff about what’s currently hot in math and science. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my site.

Currently I am interning for a semester as the IT guy for the Florence Conventions and Visitors’ Bureau – our site is at visitflo.com.

I have a LinkedIn Profile Here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chiafupaullee

Questions? Suggestions? An error in one of my posts (if this is the case please describe it in detail)? Please leave any feedback for my site in the form below! I’m happy to fix any false statements in my posts, which is the why I have a comments section on every page and feedback box, but please do so civil manner (despite the fact you can submit anonymously), and point out the specific mistake that I made – I live to learn and I learn to live.

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